Friday, November 13, 2009

Motorola Droid Updates

BeMeMorse and BeMeWeightPoints have been updated to support Android 2.0.
The Android 2.0 (used in phones like Motorola Droid) platform enables multiple resolutions, we need to acount for that from now on.


jacquelyn said...

You don't need the full keyboard when calculating points - your app would ROCK if you could get rid of the full keyboard in place of a keyboard that resembled a calculator pad - easier to hit the keys because it would be 0-9 only...... that would be a dream come true for me - I use this in the grocery store. THANKS!!!

BeMeCollective said...

Hello Jacquelyn,

Thanks for posting!
Are you seeing a full keyboard? You are supposed to see only the numeric keypad. You are the 2nd person that mentions this lately and I am suspecting a mis-behaviour of some phone types.
Is your phone a Motorola?



Anonymous said...

I am seeing a full keyboard, not just a calc pad. I do have a Motorola Droid. I would love this to be fixed to just see a calc pad.

BeMeCollective said...

Hello and thank you for posting your experiences here. It helps a lot as I am working totally blind with all the differences experienced by Motorola users. This is very frustrating for you, the user, and for me, the developer.
At the time being, I have been unable to get a Motorola phone for development purposes. We don't have them in Canada yet.
I am hoping to get one soon and then I will be able to figure out why you are seeing the alphanumeric keyboard instead of the numeric one like the rest of the users.
The problem is even worse with BeMeBlackBox, it does not work at all with Motos.
Please bear with me, and when I manage to get my hands on a Moto phone, I'll create an update for you.
Best Regards and Happy Holidays,