Thursday, November 26, 2009

BeMeBlackBox Released

BeMeBlackBox for the Android operating system is an app for your vehicle.
What it does is simple: It continuously records and deletes video from a windshield mounted phone. When you crash, or when you press the Save button, it saves the last X seconds, and the previous video file just in case. You can set the length of the video file.
If selected, it will also upload the file automatically to YouTube.
No more saying "I wish I had recorded that!".
Now you say "I recorded that with BeMeBlackBox".

All Motorola users (Cliq, Droid, etc...): The Motorola phones have a certain difference that makes them crash with specific video functions, thus making them incompatible with BeMeBlackBox. This behavior can NOT be reproduced in the emulator.
Since the Android Motorola phones are not available in Canada, I will not be able to work around that problem as I do not have any access to the hardware. Hopefully in the near future. My deepest apologies.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Motorola Droid Updates

BeMeMorse and BeMeWeightPoints have been updated to support Android 2.0.
The Android 2.0 (used in phones like Motorola Droid) platform enables multiple resolutions, we need to acount for that from now on.