About BeMeCollective

BeMeCollective is a web application intended to be used with video-camera glasses. It enables the user to become someone else for a while.
The behavior can be mimicked using a computer and a webcam.

BeMe Collective Objectives

1. To develop necessary framework for the support of new wearable technology. The primary effort at the initial stage will be on glasses capable of video/audio transmission and reception (also known collectively as binocular optical remote glasses/gadget).

2. To create a collective where people from all over the world can voluntarily share their experiences in real time. Users will be able to ‘become someone else’ for a desired period of time.

3. To provide an architecture for collection of human experience. Such collective memory will be of great assistance to future historians, crime investigation, exploration and more. For self-use, it eliminates(?) the need for human memory as users can always ‘rewind’ to the moment in time they desire.

BeMe Collective Instructions

To be someone else:
Click on desired channel in the View list.

To allow someone else to be you (transmit your experiences):
Enter your details in the Transmit box. If prompted for camera and microphone access, allow.

To enhance human vision
Assuming you are wearing binocular optical remote glasses (or mimic them with a computer and webcam), press the gadget button. This will in turn pop up additional options for your vision enhancement. The gadget will affect your view of your camera, but anyone seeing your transmission will still see your transmission without enhancement:

Nighthawk - Night vision at your disposition. This SLS (Star Light Scope) type gadget will enhance the light received by your camera. The quality of the enhancement depends on the sensibility of your camera under low light conditions. The effectiveness of 'NightHawk' is comparable to that of  a Generation I Star Light Scope as used by military special units in the 1980ies.

Optimal conditions for NightHawk: As with all SLS systems, the viewing conditions greatly affect the results. The camera should be pointed at a dark area and any light sources should NOT appear in the frame. Minimal light conditions but not complete darkness yield best results.

Tele - Zoom in capabilities in real time . This gadget will perform a digital zoom transformation on the image. Optical zoom is controlled separately by your camera if  it includes optical zoom functionality.

SleepyGuard - Glasses beep when motion is detected. Set the motion sensibility and start SleepyGuard to enjoy a built-in guard. Aim the camera at desired zone and the gadget will sound an alert (visual and audio) when it detects movement. Sensitivity of 100 means the guard is OFF.

Rangefinder - Measure distance to objects. This gadget allows you to estimate ranges (distances) to targets. In order to use it, you must know (or guess) the height of the target. After entering the height in the dedicated box, measure how many 'ticks' the target measures vertically on the screen. Enter the number of ticks into the dedicated box. The gadget will display the approximate distance to the target. The ranging functionality is accessible only when Tele is set to 0. Measuring units: BeMe Collective uses the metric system. 

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